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 Platinum silicone tube
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The company's platinum silicone tube (article), is made platinum catalyst system, is a professional food, medical-grade products. Health and environmental levels high and can be easily through the EU ROHS, the U.S. FDA, German LMBG stringent food-grade certification and other testing. Widely used in food, health, medical equipment, electronic equipment and other industries.

Silicone tube series: food grade (non-toxic and tasteless) silicone tube (Article / circle), medical grade silicone tube, platinum silicone tube, the special-shaped tube , the sealing tape, anti-high temperature silicon Hose, fire-retardant tube, the insulating tube (article), the electronic casing pure and transparent silicone hose, platinum and gold miscellaneous pieces of silica gel, high sealing windows and doors seal strips.

Color: transparent tubes, colored pipe (can be adjusted according to customer requirements either);

Performance: 24 pairs, compared with ordinary, non-toxic tasteless, non-yellowing, heat-cold (-55 ~ 255 ), rebound and strong, anti-aging, flame-retardant, insulation, better, no low-molecular weight precipitate ( Never spray cream) and other characteristics;

Applies to: catheter, infusion tube, wire casing, small household appliances (coffee pot, kettle, iron, rice cooker, frying pan, disinfection cabinets, drinking fountains, pulp machine, bread, gas appliance, refrigerator, water heaters, etc.) food, medical grade electrical components and electronics, automotive, food and medical goods such as machinery matching a variety of medical catheters, drainage tubes, silicone tourniquet so.


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